GNH Centre Thailand

What is GNH?

GNH is a unique approach to development. It aims to strike a balance between material and non-material values, prioritizing the happiness and well-being of humans and all life.

The objective of GNH is to achieve a balanced and sustainable form of development which encompasses a range of domains each of which makes a vital contribution to our happiness.

This approach aims to balance modernity with tradition, material with spiritual, and economic with social, all within the broader context of ecological conservation.

Definition of Happiness

Beyond just a fleeting pleasure, happiness is …

– a deep connection to Your Self, Mindfulness, Self Care,
– a deep connection to Others, Appreciation, Deep Listening,
– a deep connection to Nature, Compassion for other Living Beings and for our Planet.

The Four Pillars in GNH

The intuitive guiding principle of Gross National Happiness led to a practical conceptualization of the concept. The foundation is made of four pillars:

The Nine Domains

The four pillars are further elaborated into nine domains, which articulate the different elements of GNH in detail and form the basis of GNH measurement, indices and screening tools.

Implementation in Organisation



To foster sustainable …

  • Financial wellbeing,
  • Social wellbeing,
  • Ecological wellbeing,

… through enhancing the happiness of

  • Your employees,
  • Your stakeholders,
  • Society at large.



This program will invite you to envision how Gross National Happiness principles could be implemented in your own context: personally, in your family, in your organisation and globally …

  • by developing mindfulness as well as social and emotional skills on all levels of your organisation,
  • by integrating GNH principles and values in your overall strategy and processes.

Vision, Mission, Values

– What do we want to be?

Objectives, Strategies, Structures

– How do we want to get there?

Action Plans, Initiatives

– What do we need to do?


Purpose & Success of Organization = Societal Wellbeing

Implementation of the GNH Program will relevant and benefit to stakeholder groups.


GNH Benefits

GNH does not focus on economy alone. It is a measure of social, environmental and health, it’s an indicator that measures quality of life or social progress in a psychological way:

  • fulfill human needs,
  • improve wellbeing and happiness,
  • holistic and sustainable business strategy,
  • responsible resource use,
  • societal well-being,
  • increase emotional intelligence through skills in mindfulness, compassion, respect, acceptance, belonging, interconnectedness to all stakeholders.