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GNH is a unique approach to development. It aims to strike a balance between material and non-material values, prioritizing the happiness and well-being of humans and all life. The objective of GNH is to achieve a balanced and sustainable form of development which encompasses a range of domains each of which makes a vital contribution to our happiness This approach aims to balance modernity with tradition, material with spiritual, and economic with social, all within the broader context of ecological conservation.


Through a transformative learning process the GNH Centre offers a unique opportunity to experience GNH principles in daily life and to reflect on how to implement them in a practical way.

Many of us come from organizations that might be described as technocratic, or policy, or research, kind of top down, ‘ we just fix the numbers and the world will be better’. This is quite delusional, I think. Something I’ve begun to realize through the lab … much more so than [before is that] inner transformation is really the ground of societal transformation. Without that, nothing will stick. And arguably without that, nothing is possible.

Lew Daly, Director of Policy and Research, Demos, USA, Programme Participant 2013, Global Wellbeing and GNH Lab in collaboration with Presencing Institute and GIZ/BMZ




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