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The GNH Centre Bhutan, Patronage of GNH Centre Thailand, aims to demonstrate GNH in action in accordance with the Fourth King’s of Bhutan, His Majesty King Jigme Singye Wangchuck, declaration of GNH as the guiding philosophy of Bhutan’s development process. The Centre’s Programs create a mindfulness-based, transformational learning environment for profound personal and societal innovation and transformation, both in Bhutan and for the global community.



Gross National Happiness (GNH) is more important than Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

His Majesty the 4th King of Bhutan

With his famous declaration in the 1970s, the former King of Bhutan challenged conventional, narrow and materialistic notions of human progress. He realized and declared that the existing development paradigm – GNP (or GDP) – did not consider the ultimate goal of every human being: happiness.

Old Wisdom for a Modern Age

Perhaps inspired by age-old wisdom in the ancient Kingdom of Bhutan, the fourth King concluded that GDP was neither an equitable nor a meaningful measurement for human happiness, nor should it be the primary focus for governance; and thus the philosophy of Gross National Happiness: GNH is born.

GNH remained largely an intuitive insight and guiding light. It reminded the government and people alike that material progress was not the only, and not even, the most important contributor to well-being. As Bhutan increasingly engaged with the global community, joining international organizations, substantial efforts were made to define, explain and even measure GNH. Indices were created, measurements were recorded and screening tools for government policy were created, and the second phase in the development of GNH saw its practical implementation in government become a living reality.

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